Feedback 2013

How you rated us

Very good
Very poor
22.95% 42.62% 31.15% 3.28% 0%
14 26 19 2 0 61
Online entry form
20.34% 37.29% 32.20% 8.47% 1.69%
12 22 19 5 1 59
Email communication
13.56% 27.12% 38.98% 16.95% 3.39%
8 16 23 10 2 59
Swaps management
35.42% 22.92% 25% 10.42% 6.25%
17 11 12 5 3 48
Pre-race management
54.84% 38.71% 6.45% 0% 0%
34 24 4 0 0 62
72.58% 24.19% 3.23% 0% 0%
45 15 2 0 0 62
Meadows facilities
51.61% 43.55% 4.84% 0% 0%
32 27 3 0 0 62
Non-runner facilities
27.78% 50% 22.22% 0% 0%
15 27 12 0 0 54
Race route
77.42% 20.97% 1.61% 0% 0%
48 13 1 0 0 62
Race obstacles
66.13% 20.97% 11.29% 1.61% 0%
41 13 7 1 0 62
Course marking
67.74% 22.58% 8.06% 1.61% 0%
42 14 5 1 0 62
79.03% 17.74% 3.23% 0% 0%
49 11 2 0 0 62
Safety cover
75.41% 16.39% 6.56% 1.64% 0%
46 10 4 1 0 61
Water stations
61.29% 35.48% 1.61% 1.61% 0%
38 22 1 1 0 62
Race finish area
67.74% 27.42% 4.84% 0% 0%
42 17 3 0 0 62
Race medal
72.58% 20.97% 6.45% 0% 0%
45 13 4 0 0 62
Medal presentation
50% 35.48% 14.52% 0% 0%
31 22 9 0 0 62
Race tee-shirt
61.29% 33.87% 4.84% 0% 0%
38 21 3 0 0 62
Results service
75.81% 22.58% 1.61% 0% 0%
47 14 1 0 0 62



What you said we did well
Registration, results,
Liked the mixed course and the changed route at the end.
Great atmosphere, marshalls all very friendly and encouraging. Fantastic, fun event, though hard work!
The well marked route, the challenging obstacles, nice scenery, excellent marshalling, and good atmosphere.
It IS a challenge, not a race. It's a personal achievment for me, I don't feel the need to worry about my time (just as well!!), just getting round and encouraging others makes it worthwhile.
The weather! A really interesting & varied course and the split start worked very well. A very friendly race, chatted to various folk on the way round. An enjoyable day all round.
see above
Everything - and everyone is so friendly and encouraging
Really enjoyed the course my sort of thing and was a glorious day for it also
The Hay bales, the Muddy bog, the Ythan, I enjoyed the whole route
The obstacles were all very challenging but due to the no of runners there was points where competitors were "bunching up" I loved it though
The obstacles
It's local, well run & great fun
Everything!!! I loved every minute. The previous year Film is great! It entices you. The course is great... You never know exactly what lay ahead. It's exciting! I smile the whole way. The marshalls are great, happy and encouraging even when standing freezing in the river. Great event . Thank u for having me and I hope I get in 2014 x
I liked that there were lots of trail running bits through the woods
change of course, the helpers especially in the water
I enjoyed the break from a normal run, different obstacles etc but not the extreme nature of these newer events such as tough mudder and spartan races.
Everything it was well organised the course was great the marshals and helpers were excellent and they too deserve medals.
Everything on the day. How did you organise the weather:)
See above
The cameraderie of my 22 strong Xodus team mates mainly. The beautiful countryside, blanketted by buttercups, daisies and bluebells. The friendly and encouraging marshalls were superb too. The venue and easy parking with good directions.
The best part was doing the obstacles great fun
love that it's different every time, and that it makes a change from a 'straight' road race
I enjoyed the challenge as I had never done anything like it before.
Organisation, tshirt and medal quality, beautiful course
Course was challenging & different to last time I entered. Marshalls were excellent
The organisers never rest on their laurels, always something news on the course. The organisation is first class and the marshalls and volunteers always have an encouraging comment and a smile.
Lots of different ups & downs on the course ! Felt a lot harder than in previous years, but in an enjoyable way
The challenge.
Simple: it's a challenge
Parking was good, registration was quick, race format is excellent, course is stunning, weather was incredible, I got a technical tee, the medal was unique to this year... the list goes on.
Plenty water stops,
A really good fun mix of challenges - how often can you run through a river!?
Friendly atmosphere and very well organised.
The course is always great, and it's good that there are tweaks made every year to keep us on our toes
Great event organised very well, very tough challenge that manages to maintain a strong element of fun about it
The whole event was fantastic, the support from other runners, spectators and the marshals along the way really was brilliant! The obsticals where great fun and very well spaced out. I was very impressed at the quality of the medal I received at the end. Thank you for putting together such an fantastic event!!
Its well organised, its local to me and the race is different from the norm.
This is the first event of this type that I've done and I really liked the fact that the majority of runners seemed to be entered to have fun, rather than other events where it is all about the PB. So for me the atmosphere was the best bit about the Ythan Challenge.
Liked that the net had been taken away, it made a huge difference to waiting time.
Great atmosphere and heaps of fun. Loved the water.
Well ran event. Good challanging obstacles. Great course.
Good atmosphere, open to all with mixed abilities, local, reasonable price makes it accessible, friendly staff, novel use of the natural area, great course with local support, not too many runners.
The new route was awesome :-) made much more use of the terrain and the forest. :-)
The marshalls were terrific, so happy, friendly & up for a laugh, going in the ythan was the bit I was dreading but that was my favourite part.
I liked the mix of trail running, technical course and obstacles. A well thought out and challenging race. The staggered start also works well to spread the field out enough.
Atmosphere was fantastic and a very challenging course, loved it.
Fab organisation on the day and I loved the race route. It was so well marshalled and safety was paramount. Registration was smooth and the timing system was great.
fun aspect.


What you said we could improve upon

Warm-up, music at start to get people fired up, 1month on still no race photos, more obstacles.
Can't think of anything - keep up the good work and I look forward to next year.
Improvements to the course from last year have really improved things. I think it went really well this year.
see above
Just keep sponsoring it! It's a brilliant family day out even if you are not running.
Less running, more obstacles but not hay bales, they were my least favourite
Having more entries would be great. Everyone is so desperate to get in!! I know it must be difficult however . It's so good though that's why we all want it x
I don't think much needs to be done to improve but possibly stagger the starts to help with any obstacle bottle necks but I understand this would cause other problems
Better online entering.
The stretch of open ground nearer to the end of the race (approx 2-3k away from finishing) was uneven in a hidden way. Under the mowed grass there were sneaky holes where i came a bit of a cropper. This stretch was more dangerous than anywhere else because it looked flat. The low grass camouflaged the divets so what looked safe wasn't really. At least in other obvious lumpy places you knew to ca-canny.
not sure if it's possible to make them wider, but some parts of the trail through the woods were really narrow, so there wasn't really an opportunity to pass people
Again their seems to have been a large number or people failing to show up. Post a pull out date to allow for swaps etc, and if anyone fails to show without giving notice black list them for the following year.
Let people indicate a preference for the wave they will be in.
Adding one more water dip on the way back to the Meadows would have been great, I needed to slow down and cool off!
Build up at start of race, warm -up, music
Perhaps some more challenges and less of a straight flat run there/back - though I realise the course is pretty much set as how it is. 2014 - more mud! more climbing, more scrambling, more mess :-)
I wouldn't think it would suit having more competitors, so maybe a second event during the year?... Winter Ythan?! Thanks again.
People need to be more realistic about their predicted times. Last year I finished in the top half but was disappointed to find I was in wave 3 this year, and I caught loads of wave 2 runners just after the bridge and was duly held up at various obstacles, particularly getting in and out of both visits to the river. I was determined to beat my time from last year but ended up a couple of minutes slower despite being in better shape this year. Hopefully I am back in wave 2 next year!
Only tiny point would maybe be to mention prior to the race for slower competitors to be aware of faster people behind them. Common sense I know but it was lacking in a few people who refused to get out of the way and just held people up along the thin country path sections
O I really don't know!!! Throw in a few more bales ;)
Trying to enter was a bit of hassle but I realise there were problems with the website.
Keep course without 'hold up' obstacles in the forest
A mud waterfall that you have to run under, some people were far too clean at the finish! Seriously though, just keep doing what you are doing, I thought it was a great event :-)
It would have been handy to have mile or km markers to know where we were on the course. I feel that this let it down. Also more obstacles would make the course harder.
More range of obstacles.
More obstacles to break up run at the start and in field toward end to break up run, bit frustrating at slow down in points due to queues but unsure how to manage that.
Points above
Queuing is still a major problem - especially at the first hay-bale (top of first climb) where many competitors seemed lost as to what to do. The bale would accommodate 2-3 people at a time but without a Marshall stationed there to keep the flow moving this proved to be a major bottle neck. The exit from the water was also very very slow - with the queue stretching from the entrance(!!) all the way through the water obstacle to the exit. There has to be a better way of tackling this (multiple exit points?) Overall I feel that all the efforts which went into reducing the bottle necks were successful (in isolation), but were marred by these 2 pinch points.
You did great & hope the sun shines next year.
It must be a lot of work setting up the course etc, would it be worth considering running the event over two days? That way more people would get a chance to run - there must have been a lot of people who didn't given it sold out in 2 hours.
Bigger entry numbers. Really hard to get in!
If possible pictures up earlier on the website? The race itself is brilliant!
Could the event ever be conducted on a Saturday?