What you said after the 2008 Ythan Challenge...

Thanks to all of you who took the time to let us know what you thought of the 2008 Dominion Gas Ythan Challenge. We are taking on board what you’ve told us and will be improving the 2009 event to reflect your suggestions.

Here’s what you said:

‘One of the best races of the year and always well organised and friendly.’

‘Really enjoyed the event and will be entering again. Distance markers may be an idea, but also really enjoyed the ‘not sure what was coming next’ as an Ythan Challenge virgin.’

‘Excellent fun.’

‘Perhaps distance markers for the last three kilometres to help people pace themselves?’

‘Wonderful. Any chance of some obstacles on the way to/from the Esslemont Estate?’

‘Marshal at the bog held us up far too long while people looked for shoes – there was plenty of room for us to go around to the side which we ended up doing anyway. The last cargo net over a bog was good, but the bog was full of large rocks which just gave me a few bruises but could have caused some bad knee damage while crawling under net.’

‘Loved it! Best event I've taken part in, smiled the whole day! Well done and many thanks for all the hard work organising – recommending it to everyone .Can you raise the 400 limit for next year?? Can't wait till next time round.’

‘Excellent. It’s a shame we can't have more obstacles before we get to the estate. How about using some bales on the Meadows, particularly on the final stretch, where the spectators are, on the return? More entertainment all round.’

‘Route distance markers in kilometres would be useful and allow people to pace themselves better.’

‘Great race – only real comment would be with regard to t-shirts. This year’s t-shirt is better than last year’s heavy cotton t-shirt (which I am unable to wear). But the best thing would be a technical t-shirt that most people could make more use of than a cotton t-shirt and could wear with pride while running/training. Would be willing to pay a few pounds more for this.’

‘Really enjoyed the event and will be entering again. Distance markers may be an idea, but also really enjoyed the ‘not sure what was coming next’ as an Ythan Challenge virgin.’

‘As a slower runner, I feel that we should set off before the elite runners as after they have ran the course. It is all chopped up and made a lot harder for the third-phase runners, who are mainly just in it for fun and not for the glory. The elite runners are a lot fitter and more able to cope with the conditions, so should not be given the advantage of a fresh course to run.’

‘Really good course once again, and great atmosphere.’

‘Great race as usual. Only comment would be about prize structure. How about recognising the ‘golden oldies’, ie those males over 60 and females over 55. There are some 60+ and even 70+ runners and it is a bit hard competing against 50+ year olds! Maybe a token prize for first over- 60/55?’

‘Excellent – will try to do it again next year.’

‘I have scored poor for race goodies as I feel the medal could have been better. One that you can wear over your neck with the year on it rather than a key ring. Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thanks.’

‘Excellent, really fun, marshals were really friendly and encouraging (despite us being nearly last!) definitely one of the better fun adventure races I've done.’

‘It would have been helpful to have signs indicating the distance ran. Also, with it being a hot day more than one water stop was needed particularly in the early part of the course. However, overall it was a great event!’

‘Very enjoyable – even spending 20 minutes to find our shoes in the mud didn't dampen our enjoyment.’

‘As a health and safety officer I think it would be an idea to ban the use of iPod & other music devices as the people using them are not aware of the people around them, causing a danger to themselves and others.’

‘Some sort of secure storage area for bags and/or car keys would be a great addition. Save on the worry of having to take car keys with oneself. This is mainly due to there not being enough lockers at the Meadows. Apart from that a stand-out event.’

‘Thank you to all for a very well organised event.’

‘Would like distance markers telling how far left to go. But really enjoyed the challenge.’

‘Really great day thanks!!! Was disappointed to receive a key fob instead of a medal. I know this sounds petty, but I felt I deserved one! Registration and Race Finish area were a little bit chaotic as people were milling about a lot near finish.’

‘Would be useful to have an indication of distance left to run once you get back out of the estate.’

‘Chips not that great in water, fellow runner lost his in the river. Where was last years bbq + the cheery photographers who made looking daft easy?’

‘Will be back next year.’

‘Wouldn't mind if race entry bit more to get better medal (poor quality) – especially with year on it. Could do without t-shirt also to cut cost.’

‘It was my first time and I thought that it was brilliant fun. As I was going through the Ythan water section, I couldn't help but laugh thinking that I was paying to do this… Absolutely bloomin’ fantastic!!! See you next year.’

‘Super race, super day, results system fantastic, see you next year!’

‘I would like to see more obstacles on the course. Some using climbing would be a challenge for people. Try setting a longer section with obstacles. All in all, well organised this year as usual!’

‘The water was too cold and the mud too muddy!’

‘Excellent event!!’

‘Straw at the exit of the muddy final net obstacle would help to prevent collision with the rocks hidden in the exit mud… have v. bashed knee when slipping coming out of net. Brilliant race – v. good fun.’

‘Loved it, loved it. Will spread the word and be back next year.’

‘Key rings are a good idea rather than medals. Registration area too small. Never done this race before but I kind of knew what to expect. You need to think of something really challenging for next year and keep it a secret. GREAT race and day. Thanks.’

‘Need more entertainment, refreshments and/or stalls for the spectators. Signposting from the second roundabout would have been useful as ended up asking local. Race was superb, marshalling and safety excellent.’

‘Felt like I was a kid again, but without the mother telling me not to come home wet, muddy, with torn clothes and bloodied knee!’

‘Excellent organisation (parking, facilities etc). Most fun I'd had in years - don't know how I would feel if weather was against me. Want to do another one next week.’

‘After a race like that a Special K cereal bar (in the goodie bag) is hardly going to satisfy!! All the same great fun and definitely be back next year.’

‘Could manage one more water stop.’

‘I would have liked the t-shirt to have this year's date on it and if photographs had been taken of the competitors in the Esslemont Estate, then family and friends would have seen just what it was like... Otherwise I hope to be back next year.’

‘An excellent, well-organised, friendly and fun race. The course could possibly be improved by introducing a wider variety of obstacles (e.g. replace one or two of the sets of hay bales with something different) but overall, a well prepared race and a good day out.’

‘Prepared to pay extra for a proper running-style shirt rather than the cotton one. At least it can be used for running. Maybe with muddy footprints up the back and a Ythan Challenge quotation.’

‘Good fun race, don't change much, maybe vary the obstacles… Very good, and well organised.’

‘Good doing something a bit different.’

‘Would possibly benefit from distance markers even if only at half way or as you come back out of the estate.’

‘More challenges! Same start for all in one team?’

‘Very well organised event. Excellent marshalling and marking of the course route – little chance of getting lost. Well designed course. Efficient timing and results service. All round great event and fantastic value for money.’

‘The obstacles this year were good, liked the new firm bales to go over! The only thing that I could say was the prize-giving was a bit confusing – couldn`t quite make out which prizes were going to which category; but because you were quick with the results going on the web it wasn1t a problem. Well done, see you next year.’

‘Never realised a 10k run could be such fun – even enjoyed the mud and water!’

‘Another good time had this year and a highlight of the year. Thought the t-shirt design was a vast improvement on previous years. I was however disappointed with the key ring. Would have preferred a mug, or small towel or even a medal. The finish area was a bit cramped and didn't flow people away from the area.’

‘Felt there should have been distance markers around the route (5K, 7K etc) as this has been the case in other 10Ks I've done. Pretty disheartening to get to water point and be told we were only half way as I (and everyone around me) thought we were nearly finished. Could have done with more water stops on such a warm day. Very good overall though.’

‘One or two kilometre markers might be helpful. A medal would be nice, but then I'm a sad medal collector maybe! A really very good race, lots of fun. Will definitely want to run again! Well done.’

‘The medal could be improved. It would also be nice if the photos taken from the event were uploaded onto the website sooner.’
‘Great day’s craic.’